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Choose an Ethical Easter

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017 Organic Times Fair Trade Organic Production 0 Comments

Easter is a special time to be with family and friends. It’s our favourite long weekend to have time off and slow down. It’s also a time to reflect on new life and new beginnings.

We face many challenges today, in a world tainted by conflict and neglect, affecting the best interests of humanity and environment. Easter can be a time for us to contemplate our approach to life and remind ourselves we can strive for peace, harmony, forgiveness, justice and love.

As tradition has it, we share eggs to symbolise Easter’s association with rebirth and renewal. For those of us no longer young enough -- or maybe good enough! -- for a visit from the Easter Bunny, we need somewhere to find our own. When purchasing choccie eggs or bunnies this Easter, hopefully you’ll consider where your chocolate comes from.

Where’s the Easter spirit in gifting children with treats made at the expense of exploited child workers? Please consider choosing ethical chocolate.

Fair trade is a way to buy and sell produce, from ‘developing’ countries, that allows farmers to earn what they deserve for their labour, under suitable working conditions. When chocolate companies pay fair prices for cacao/cocoa, this helps eliminate child labour. Workers are treated well, so children aren’t forced to work and can go to school.


The quality of organic produce and also the quality of the producers’ lives is important to us. The pressure on commodity prices is especially so for some countries and causes suffering for people and danger to our environment. The Hand-in-Hand programme has established long-term trade relationships with its suppliers, providing independence from commodity price fluctuations in the world market and support in eco-social development. Organic farming and fair-trade are inextricably linked -- they’re the foundation for positive and sustainable development, securing healthy food, a healthy environment and value for the producers.

When you support fair-trade certified products, you are supporting ethical practices and you can be assured you are supporting fair-trade farmers and their families. A fair amount of money also goes toward helping their local communities, providing local basic medical facilities, education, safe transport facilities, social security funds, etc.

Fair trade is about:
  • better prices
  • decent working conditions
  • enriching communities
  • local sustainability
  • and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.
Fair-trade means being just and fair to people as well as to nature. We support fair-trade farmers and organic agriculture that’s not only better for us, but better for our environment.

Our bunnies and eggs are made from fair-trade chocolate and rapadura sugar, and all our ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced with no GMOs, no artificial additives and no palm oil. Buying palm-oil free is important, as the industry is linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights. Keep in mind, palm oil can be disguised as other ingredients (vegetable oil), so just be mindful.

Don’t forget to choose ethical chocolate. Our fair-trade, organic couverture chocolate is not only the conscious choice, it’s a no-brainer to indulge in, as it tastes so good. Naturally, our chocolate is gluten-free and our dark chocolate is vegan-friendly.

By choosing Organic Times chocolate, you’re not only getting delicious, good quality couverture chocolate – you’re also making a difference to the working and living standards for cocoa farmers, their families and communities by supporting fair-trade, sustainable chocolate.
Our Easter range provides not just ethical gifts, but can be life-changing for children and families living in poverty, while being an eco-friendlier choice for our environment.

Know where your chocolate comes from and be sure to enjoy a happy and safe Easter, too.