Customer Reviews

Vanilla Mallows (Marshmallows)

"When I first gave the kids a vanilla marshmallow on the side of a babycino the 3-year- old asked for a pink one too! However, once they had eaten them I asked whether they liked the new marshmallow and they said yes. The 5-year- old said she liked the vanilla taste. I like the vanilla taste too which is basically non-existent in other brands. I think that's the main difference to other brands.
The texture is soft and chewy but firmer than other brands. The only negative is that they take a while to melt in warm liquids. I'd prefer if they were about half the length as that would be a better serving size and would melt faster. The subsequent times I've given them to the kids they haven't asked for a pink one which means they like the vanilla ones better! I like that there aren't any pink ones as the pink is achieved using an artificial colour which the kids can do without."
E. Iacovino

"First thing that I noticed after opening the packet was the lovely aroma of fresh vanilla. I could also taste the vanilla straight away in my first bite - it was delicate yet rich and luscious. The texture is slightly chewy at first but melts in your mouth into a smooth dance of sweetness and vanilla.
My kids also noticed that the mallows are not covered in powdery substance like the other brand from a supermarket (Pascall) This might be just their upbringing (living and eating healthy) but they instantly asked if the vanilla mallows were healthy. To which I replied that they are a bit healthier as they are organic. My children also thought they were slightly less sweet but that was a pleasant change. We had some a la natural and toasted a few over the stove flame (in lieu of a bonfire). The toasted mallows were soft and "meringuey". All in all, this product (including the packaging which was a little damaged on arrival) seems to be superior to other brands I have tried and brings a feeling of indulgence."
B. Martin

Rocky Road

"OMG! If you want to treat yourself or family and friends to some of the best Rocky Road around, get your hands on some divine Organic Times Rocky Road. You won't regret it. 5 stars all round!"
M. Green

"Was so excited to receive my Rocky Road bars in the post this week for review :) Couldn't wait to open them up & have a taste...yummm!
Absolutely loved the dark chocolate one...best dark chocolate ever! The coconut made it all the more tastier. Loved the raspberry jellies...not too sweet...although I would have liked a little more jellies along with the moist yummy marshmallows ;)
Very generous size meant I could enjoy it over a few days...even happy to share a taste with hubby too :)
Thanks again Organic Times, I will definitely be back for more :D"
S. & C. Cooper

"Well I would include a pic, but sadly none of this delicious Organic Rocky Road is left!
The parcel arrived during the week, but I have had a few friends drop in and of course each of them had to have a taste!
The good thing is that they all LOVED the Rocky Road and so I can certainly recommend 100% the OrganicTimes Rocky Road to all of your members!"
C. Moulton

"I loved the ones you sent me, loved them so much that they were umm... 'un-shareable' -- if that is a word! In any case, they were too good to share, so I gobbled them all up myself! yummo!"
M. Biswell