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Our Dutch-process Cocoa Powder is Certified Organic & Fair-trade and made from beans grown in one of the lushest regions of the world to yield that extra smooth taste.
Pure sustainable cocoa goodness.

For more on our Dutch-process Cocoa Powder, check out our blog article – What is Cocoa or Cacao?

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Our quality organic cocoa powder is proudly grown & harvested in the Dominican Republic under the Rapunzel ‘Hand-In-Hand’ fair trade program. It is dutch-process and as a result has a smooth, less-bitter flavour. A good source of antioxidants.

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* certified organic
* fair-trade
* free from GMO’s
* palm-oil free
* no-dairy
* vegan friendly
* vegetarian
* gluten free

Nutrition Information

Cocoa Powder
  per 4gper 100g
Energy (kJ)551378
Protein (g)0.821.0
Fat -Total (g)0.512.5
Carbohydrates -Total (g)0.716.8
Sodium (mg)


(in order of amount of ingredients): *Organic Cocoa Powder

*Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.

14 reviews for Cocoa Powder

  1. Gray (verified owner)

    I have tried many cocoa and cacao powders, but this tastes the best

  2. Nick Chapman (verified owner)

  3. Gray (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cocoa powder is ok if you like the taste of bitter-sweet.

  5. Gina (verified owner)

    Delicious and great that it’s organic and fair trade. I have a nickel sensitivity and react to other cocoa powders but this one is great and no reaction.

  6. Gray S. (verified owner)

    The best for Hot Chocolate Drink – sadly I can’t buy it from any retailer my side of town, so have to buy it on-line!

  7. Susanna (store manager)

    I love this sooo much. My baking has never tasted better. The flavour is rich, true and authentic. I will never buy a different brand again.

  8. Rebecca (store manager)

    I absolutely enjoyed this Cocoa Butter its a real treat, The flavour isn’t too strong or bitter like ordinary powders like to add to my homemade desserts – especially into a chocolate pudding !! I find all Organic Times products are always amazing.

  9. Jen (store manager)

    The best Cacao powder I’ve found so far to make my amazing fudge brownies.

  10. Aimee (store manager)

    Organic Times cocoa powder is the ONLY cocoa I use! It’s full of richness without nasty chemicals or added ingredients, it’s delicious, and I love using it in all of my choc dessert recipes.

  11. Sam

    Organic Time’s cocoa powder is Dutch processed and the only cocoa on the market I use in my baking. If you want to make your baked goods into rich chocolatey deliciousness, this cocoa powder is the best

  12. Louisa (store manager)

    Hi guys. I bought some of your products at the organic expo in Sydney last year and I want to thank you for excellent products. Your cocoa powder makes everything I make with it, super amazing!!

  13. Mandy (store manager)

    I just wanted to write to say how much I love your Dutch-process Organic Cocoa Powder. I’ve recently read Sarah Wilson’s book ‘I Quit Sugar’ and decided to take on the challenge of going sugar free. I found your product in my local organic food store, along with raw cocoa nibs (instead of chocolate chips from the supermarket), am using your powder in one of Sarah\’s biscuit recipes.
    After tasting your cocoa powder in an ordinary chocolate milkshake, I promptly threw out my old Cocoa Powder and will never use it again. Yours is smooth, rich and incredibly intense and, best of all, dissolves in the water from my ceramic water filter beautifully, unlike the aforementioned powder.
    I also love that it’s fair trade and GMO free. As long as you keep supplying it, I will keep buying it.

  14. M. Briggs

    This is the most delicious cocoa powder with great depth of flavour! Five stars

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